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The MIP process


Protection against Danube flooding for Machland

To provide flood protection for the Machland region

in Upper Austria, extensive engineering works are

being carried out to the north of the Danube. The

overall project is divided into eight lots, comprising

protective structures over a distance of 36.4 km. On

lot 5, Mauthausen, in addition to dewatering of the

hinterland, a flood barrier made of solid components,

with a plinth and masonry walls, is being built, on

which a mobile barrier can be mounted in the event

of flooding. A MIP wall with inset HEB girders is

being installed as a structural cut-off wall. The MIP

wall serves as both a sealing element and a deep


Top of mobile wall

Top of permanent wall

202.60 m above MSL

HW = 204.60 m above MSL


Bottom of MIP wall = 191.40 m above MSL


MW-Danube = 196.70 m above MSL

Longitudinal channel

Flood Protection for Wachau

About 100 km west of Vienna, the Danube still flows unre-

gulated through the cross valley of the Wachau. It regular-

ly bursts its banks and floods the neighboring towns up to

the first floor of the buildings there. After the devastating

damages in Weißenkirchen in 2002, it was decided to

install a flood protection wall. Bauer constructed the sub-

surface works in the form of a 10 m deep MIP wall with

embedded beams. The anchor plates are integrated into

the mounted head beams for the mobile protection wall,

which can be assembled by local labour if required.

During the flood in June 2013, the protection system pro-

ved to be extremely effective.



Top of mobile wall

Top of flood barrier

HW = 246.62 m above MSL


Bottom of MIP wall = 237.32 m above MSL


MW-Danube =

240.50 m above MSL

HW = 245.62 m above MSL