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The MIP process


MIP wall for Regensburg Schwabelweis

Over the coming years a hundred million euros will be

invested in improving the flood protection of the city of

Regensburg against the River Danube. On the second of

a total of 18 subprojects, dykes on the southern bank of

the Danube, which on some stretches consist merely of

the banked sides of a sewage collector, are being raised

and provided with an inner seal. As an alternative to the

sheet pile solution for which tenders were originally

invited, Bauer Spezialtiefbau executed a cut-off wall

using the Mixed-in-Place method. The low-vibration

works meant less strain was applied on both the exist-

ing channel and on the nearby St. Georg church.

Flood protection for the Atlantis open-air swim-

ming pool in Neu-Ulm

The state-of-the-art Atlantis open-air swimming pool

in Neu-Ulm – on the banks of both the River Danube

and the Iller Canal – was severely affected by the

Whitsuntide floods of 1999, just six months after its

opening, and again during the August floods of 2005.

The municipalities of Ulm and Neu-Ulm, as the opera-

tors, subsequently invested several million euros in

remediating the facility and installing flood protection.

Bauer Spezialtiefbau was awarded the contract to

install MIP walls. In the ideally suited sediments of the

Danube and Iller, it executed 5,500 m² of MIP cut-off

wall and 4,200 m² of MIP soldier pile wall.

Top of wall

Bottom of MIP wall

= 459.65 m above MSL

HW = 471.45 m above MSL


Freeboard = 471.95 m above MSL

Freeboard = 332.17 m above MSL

Top of head beam

Existing channel

HW = 331.67 m above MSL


Bottom of MIP wall = 325.41 m above MSL

MW-Danube =

328.00 m

above MSL