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"Soil mortar" conserves resources

The process

"Mixed-in-Place" refers to the in-situ-mixing of the

existing soil with a binding agent. A triple auger is used

to break up the soil and work in the binding agent





Trench cutting

The triple auger is drilled down to final depth with

suspension being added. During the subsequent

homogenization process the direction of rotation of

the individual augers is varied so that a circular

material flow is produced in the trench.

This vertical material flow is only made possi-

ble by using augers with continuous flights,

which ensures the homogeneity of the soil mor-

tar and thus of the finished wall.

In the course of the years while the MIP method is used, numerous patents concerning the construction

method and the applied equipment have been registered. The term "MIP" is an EC Common trade mark.