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The MIP process


Quality assurance

Prior to execution

In preliminary suitability tests, the binding agent sus-

pension mix and the optimum quantity of it are deter-

mined on the basis of soil and groundwater samples

taken from the site.

During execution

The key production parameters, such as suspension

flow rate, auger speed and penetration depth, are con-

tinuously monitored by the rig operator, recorded by a

data acquisition program and documented as required.

Reference samples are additionally taken at regular

intervals from the fresh trench. They are used to monitor

the specified properties of the fresh suspension and of

the hardened MIP compound according to a predeter-

mined test program.

Work sequence

To ensure that a solid, seamless wall is produced,

MIP walls are constructed by the double pilgrim step

method. This patented production sequence is

characterized by additional working of the overlap

zones comprising primary and secondary cuts.

Thus the triple auger penetrates and mixes each wall

element at least two times.

"Double pilgrim step" production sequence:

Primary cut

Primary cut

Secondary cut

Additional cut

Additional cut

Primary cut