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The MIP process



o reduce and/or to prevent the

leakage and thus to increase

dam stability internal sealings

were installed. These walls are in

general installed starting from dam

crest in dam axis. They are either

socketed in layers of low permeabi-

lity or serve as prolongation of the

seepage path. The hardened cut-off

wall material has to withstand ero-

sion and to protect dams against

burrowing animals.

Dam Rehabilitation Kembs

Since 2005 leakages have been detected at certain loca-

tions on dams of the Grand Canal d’Alsace. In order to

prevent these leakages and the related discharge Bauer

Spezialtiefbau installed a total of 33,500 m² MIP cut-off

wall in the dam core from July until December 2011. Wall

depths of up to 18 m were executed using the almost

vibrationless MIP method in very abrasive, alluvial soils.

Geothermal measurements before and after the wall instal-

lation prove its success. Bauer Spezialtiefbau has rehabili-

tated dams with a total area of more than 52,000 m² at the

river Rhine.

Inner seals prevent complete through-flow of the dyke

Dyke inner seals

with no structural function