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The MIP process


Dyke inner seals

with structural function


f inner seals are placed under

strain by erosion of the slope

shoulder on one side, the MIP

cut-off wall must be designed for

such a load case. The absorption of

lateral force or moments resulting

from earth and water pressure is

assured by installing reinforcement

cages or girders. The size and spac-

ing of the load-bearing elements

and the necessary compressive

strength of the MIP material are

specified in the structural calculation.

MIP wall protects dams on Obere Iller

After the flooding of Whitsuntide 1999, which caused

huge damage along the banks of the Obere Iller river,

a masterplan was devised to provide flood protection

for the area. One of the key measures was the reme-

diation of the dykes, which were provided with struc-

tually-acting cut-off walls. From 2001 to 2005, Bauer

Spezialtiefbau installed some 71,000 m² of (reinforced)

cut-off wall using the patented MIP method in the

project segments between Kempten and Oberstdorf.

The dykes were tested to their limits earlier than

feared, during the floods of August 2005 – but the

MIP wall stood firm!

Load case 1: Water-side erosion

Load case 2: Air-side erosion