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The BAUER Anchor

Dettingen-Erms - Permanent Anchors

In the industrial area of Dettingen-

Erms the company Elring Klinger

builds a production facility on a

slope. A contiguous CFA bored pile

wall as well as more than 10,000 m

permanent anchors in two layers with

lengths between 17 and 20 m were


Wusterwitz Lock - Permanent Anchors

The project in the western part of

Brandenburg comprised the new

construction of the lock and the

extension of the offshore terminals. It

belongs to Bauer Spezialtiefbau’s jobs

to install the 15 m excavation pit, to

execute the upper offshore terminal,

the middle mole and the lower

offshore terminal. For the tie-back 483

permanent anchors with a total length

of 11,000 m were executed.