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The BAUER Anchor


Anchor Installation


routed anchors consist of

the three main parts, steel

tendon, anchor head and

grout body. The steel tendon is

flexible between the front edge of the

grout body and the anchor head and

1. Borehole is drilled

using a drilling method relevant

for the existing site conditions

(subsoil, water, neighboring


3. Secondary grouting

Cracking of the grout body and if

necessary multiple post grouting.

4. Acceptance test and securing

the anchor

to the calculated load P



hardening of the grout body.

5. Completed Anchor



2. Drill rods are withdrawn

after or during filling/grouting with

cement mortar and installation of

anchor tendon.

is called free steel length. It acts like

a spring with which the part to be tied

is prestressed against the construction

soil. The load is only transferred into

the subsoil in the area of the grout

body. For each anchor it has to be

proofed that the design criteria is

adhered to by executing an accep-

tance test according to DIN EN 1537

with DIN SPEC 18537 and DIN EN